Rewind : Picton Atom

Rs. 190.00

(Marketed and Distributed in India by Ferrari Video / HeadphoneZone)

Earphone untangler

Rewind was made to solve a problem that music lovers, like us at Witworks, often face: earphones that get messed up when you put them in your bag, purse or pocket. Unwinding the wires is frustrating, and the whole process of their entanglement damages the earphones, until one fine day no more sound is produced by one or both of them. Hence we designed Rewind, the first simple, lightweight and universal cord management solution.

Using Rewind is easy: simply insert your earphone cables through the slits, pull up until the volume rockers are on top, wind the cords around it, and put it in your pocket or bag. To wear your earphones, simply unwind the cables and pull up the volume rockers. No need to take off Rewind, as it simply stays on your earphones and makes you look even more awesome. On top of that, your earphones never get entangled again – no more hassle, no more damage to your earphones and no need for a case or pouch.

Sleek design

We at Witworks love design. We don’t just make products that solve your entanglement problems – we also make sure we do this in an elegant way that makes you shine. After many rounds of testing and sampling, we came up with Rewind’s perfect shape, size and weight.  It’s big enough to make you stand out and small enough to easily fit in any pocket, while it’s so light you’ll barely feel you’re wearing it. In addition, Rewind comes in a variety of prints and colors: a cord management solution neatly tailored to fit with almost any outfit.

Universal utility

Rewind is designed to be usable with any kind of earphone. The slits and holes are such that any volume rocker, cable and wire will fit through, while it is large enough to accommodate longer cords as well. You can even use it to manage other cords, like your mouse or USB cables.

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Product Features:

Rewind Features


    • Size: 31 mm x 33 mm x 10mm
    • Weight: 5 gms
    • Material: TPE